Low n Slow To Go

An Introduction into Cooking with Fire

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This course is for those with zero to little experience cooking over fire. We start from the absolute beginning with how we light a fire and what fuel to use, why fuel selection is vital and how to maintain a fire on various BBQs.

We then move on to how to create your own seasonings to use on meat and vegetables, Which cuts to use and learn how to grill steaks, spatchcock and grill chickens and cook beautiful seasonal vegetables over fire. We will prepare sides and touch on the basics of pickling, something i see go hand in hand with BBQ food plus making our own sauces.

I will touch on timings, how to rest meat and set yourself up to cook stress free for your friends and family.

This is followed by a group family style meal where we eat, chat through what we have done and you can ask me as many questions as possible.