About Us

My name is Andy and I started Low n Slow along with my partner Donna, in 2013 out of a desperation to end a day-to-day routine, working in a factory and being stuck in the deepest of ruts. I wanted to create something I could call my own, something independent and creative, something that would earn Donna and I a living. And I started from the very bottom.

With a small bank loan and a lot of family support I bought some basic catering equipment and started cooking pork shoulders in a tiny smoker in my Mom and Dad's back yard. The smoker would often go out without warning and the winters were extraordinarily hard. Rain and wind made it more or less impossible some nights and I would have to build den-like creations to protect me and the smoker from the elements. Frankly, I had no idea what I was doing. But I can cook and I was willing to learn. And anybody who knows me will vouch for my unending passion and commitment to hard work.

A local pub gave me my first break and let me have their beer garden to sell food on Saturdays. We soon out grew that and moved on to farmers markets in the city, and then the famous Digbeth Dining Club.

We made two pilgrimages to Texas to visit friends we call family, cooking for ranch workers and cowboys, a days work experience with my good friends at Stiles   Switch in Austin and absorbing their lives and culture, where I found my passion for their style of cooking with fire and wood.

I pride myself on working with small farms and producers.  I’ve built personal relationships with my suppliers and am very hands on with selecting my produce, visiting the farm and learning about the animals we use. I cut no corners and constantly strive to better myself as a chef.

Donna works seamlessly in the background taking bookings, keeping accounts and organising where I need to be and that all the orders are processed and booked in for delivery.

I'm very proud to be a regular at Digbeth Dining Club since 2013 and to have cooked at the prestigious Meatopia since 2017.

Since COVID-19 hit we have worked hard to adapt and create our food making it available to have in your own home, create bespoke menus and keep it interesting.  We have lots of plans for the future and are excited for you all to come with us.


Andy and Donna