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Texas BBQ / Advanced Class with Ironbrand Offset Smoker

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Im very excited about this and to be able to teach on the incredible Ironbrand 120 gallon offset smoker.

This is the perfect course for those with a little experience or starting out wanting to master offset smoker cooking. The cooker is a perfect size and not a million miles away from home style ones built with to world class standards from years of experience by Jason.

We start my talking through the basics of how a stick burner works. How to start a fire and maintain one keeping temps consistent and smoke clean.

Awell as cooking on the offset pit we will be covering ceramic and kettles/wsm style cookers too so anyone wanting an advanced smoking class this one is for you!

We will talk through the main cuts of Texas BBQ, the holy trinity brisket, ribs and sausage. Learn how to prepare, season and cook them. What to do with meat when it’s done, resting to maximise the quality and how to prepare sides to cook your own feast of Texas BBQ.

This is followed by a group family style meal where we eat, chat through what we have done and you can ask me as many questions as possible.